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Ice Age and Ice Age the Meltdown were a big success but they are said to be nothing when compared with this new release of the sage.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the dinosaurs is the new movie featuring all your well-known sub zero heroes: Diego, Manny, Sid, Scrat... But this time everything will be different. The group of friends start searching for Sid, who has hijacked three dinosaur eggs, venture into a mysterious underground world where they encounter some dinosaurs, battle flora and fauna and more.

This time, Sid will see how three baby dinos come out from those dinosaur eggs and take him as their mother, even when the real T-Rex mother comes the baby dinos are afraid of her and think Sid is their real family. Diego thinks that he's growing too soft, Manny and Ellie are waiting for the birth of their little mammoth. Scrat, of course, is still trying to catch the ever elusive nut, but now Scrat will find Scratte and well see if Scratte loves him or his nut.

Ice Age 3 promises to be funny and successful and now you can enjoy it in 3D. While you wait for the movie, download and set this Ice Age 3 Screensaver on your system and view some scenes of the movie while you are not working on your PC.

In Ice Age 3 screensaver you'll watch Sid and the baby dinos, Scrat falling in love with Scratte, Diego and Manny sliding down, Momma dino and much more.
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